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Public offer

The offer (public offer) contract for the site - this is an agreement that defines the rules for using the site and providing services by FOP Merkulov Nikita Mykhailovych. This agreement is a public document that is made available to site users and can be accepted by accepting the terms set forth in the agreement.

Terms and concepts:

1. User - a person who has access to the site and uses it
2. The seller is an individual entrepreneur Merkulov Nikita Mykhailovych, entry in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Public Organizations No. 20022100000000B3439 dated 21.02.2023, registration number of the taxpayer's registration card 3654004093, place of registration (residence):  50048, Kryvyi Rih, str. Kotlyarevsky, 5/180.
3. Services - goods and information materials provided by the Company
on the website
4. Assortment of goods - a list of goods that are provided on the website
5. Change of terms - making changes to the terms of the Agreement by the Company.
6. Purchase - the process of purchasing goods on the website By the user.
7. User data - any information related to the User, including personal data and information about operations carried out on the site
8. Content - any material provided by the Company on the site including photos, texts, videos and more
9. Cookie - a small file that is stored on the User's computer and contains information about his visit to the site
The use of cookies may be regulated by policy
confidentiality of the Company.
10. Privacy policy - a document that regulates the collection, use and storage of User Data on the site

Scope of the contract:

The subject of the offer contract for the site consists in the provision by the Company of services and products through the site to Users who
meet the conditions specified in the contract.
In particular, the Company provides Users with the opportunity to purchase goods contained in the assortment presented on the site and to access the informational materials provided on the site.
At the same time, the Company undertakes to ensure the quality of the provided services and products at a high level and to provide relevant information regarding the terms of payment, delivery, warranty and post-warranty service.
For his part, the User undertakes to comply with the terms of the contract, to pay for the provided services and products in an appropriate manner, as well as
ensure the accuracy and reliability of the data provided to the Company.


Procedure for drawing up a contract:

To sign a contract on the website, The user must accept the terms of the offer posted on the website and place an order through the shopping cart on the website.

At the same time, the User undertakes to provide the necessary information for placing the order, such as name, surname, contact information and delivery address.
After placing the order, the Company must confirm the receipt of the order and its payment, as well as agree with the User on the terms of delivery.
The contract is considered concluded from the moment of acceptance of the terms of the offer and
placing an order by the User, as well as confirmation by the Company of receipt of the order and its payment.
To confirm the conclusion of the contract, the Company may send the User by e-mail a copy of the contract containing the conditions,
accepted by the User when placing an order.
About order placement, processing and confirmation:'

Procedure for placing an order on the website
involves the following steps:


1. Selection of products and adding them to the basket on the website.
2. Placing an order on the website, filling in the required fields
order registration forms, including name, surname, address
delivery and contact information.
3. Choosing the method of delivery and the method of payment for the order.
4. Checking the entered information and confirming the order on the website.
After receiving the order, the Company processes it, which includes checking the availability of the goods in the warehouse, forming the order, sending the order from the warehouse and delivering it to the User.

Order confirmation is done via e-mail or
the phone number that was specified when placing the order. The Company informs the User about the acceptance of the order, estimated delivery times and other necessary information.

If the Company cannot deliver within the specified time, it
informs the User about this and offers to change the delivery terms or cancel the order. After receiving the order, the User must check its availability and completeness, as well as ensure payment according to the selected payment method.


Payment of goods:

1. Placing an order: The user must select a product on the website,
add it to the cart and proceed to checkout.
2. Choosing a payment method: When placing an order, the User
must choose a payment method - to the account of FOP Merkulov Nikita
3. Receipt of details: After placing the order, the User
receives by e-mail details for payment to the FOP account
Nikita Mykhailovych Merkulov, which will include bank details and
details of the seller.
4. Payment of the goods: The user must transfer the value of the goods to the account of FOP Merkulov Nikita Mykhailovych according to the received
props After receiving the payment, the seller can confirm

It is important to remember that when making a payment to the account of FOP Merkulov Nikita Mykhailovych, it is necessary to specify the correct details and the correct payment amount.


Order delivery terms:

The goods are shipped after full payment or payment of 50% of the amount
the cost of the product, the delivery time is from 1 to 5 working days from the moment of receipt of payment.
The cost of delivery depends on the tariffs of postal companies and the distance between the city of departure and the city of receipt. You can find out the specific cost of delivery by contacting our manager.


Return and exchange of goods:

Our store strives to provide maximum comfort and satisfaction with the purchase of our products, so we offer the possibility of returning or exchanging the product within 14 calendar days if it did not meet your expectations.

If you are not satisfied with the purchased product, you can return it or exchange it for another product, as long as it has not been used and is in the original appearance and packaging. The product must be returned intact with all its labels and tags.

If you are going to return or exchange a product, please contact our managers using the contact details provided on our website.
The manager will contact you to obtain the details of your order and provide you with instructions on how to return or exchange the product.

The term of return or exchange of the product may depend on various factors, such as the location of the customer and the delivery time of the product. Our managers will make every effort to return or exchange the goods as quickly as possible and as comfortably as possible for you.

Please note that some items may be excluded from
return or exchange procedures in accordance with consumer protection legislation. In addition, if the product has been damaged due to use, the store reserves the right to refuse a return or exchange.


Warranty obligations:

According to our warranty policy, we provide our customers with warranty obligations for the goods sold by our online store. The warranty period is 90 days from the moment of receiving the goods.
During the warranty period, we undertake to repair any malfunctions caused by manufacturing defects free of charge, or to replace the product with a similar product if repair is not possible. In the event of a problem with the product, please contact our customer service representatives for more information on the warranty return process.
It is important to note that the warranty does not cover damage caused by improper use of the product or the consequences of interference in production by third parties. Also, warranty service is not provided for products that have been sent for return without prior agreement with our customer support service.
Our company always tries to provide high quality goods and services for our customers, and is ready to solve all problems related to the goods.


The procedure for accepting claims:

If the buyer has questions or complaints about the quality of the product or others
defects, then he should contact the seller with a corresponding request.
The seller undertakes to consider the buyer's appeal within 10 working days from the date of its receipt and to inform the buyer about the results of the consideration.
If the issue cannot be resolved within this period, the seller undertakes to notify the buyer of the time frame for its resolution.
If the buyer does not agree with the results of the consideration of his claim, he can apply to the relevant regulatory authorities in order to protect his rights.


Validity of the public offer:

The term of validity of this Public Offer is set from 04/18/2023.

Withdrawal of this Public Offer may be made by the Seller in
any time, which is not a reason to terminate already concluded Agreements.

The seller has the right to unilaterally make changes to this
Agreement with simultaneous placement of it on the Site. The changes made to this Agreement do not apply to the Agreements concluded before the posting of such changes on the Site.


Responsibilities of the parties:

The responsibility of the parties is stipulated in this contract and corresponds to the current legislation of Ukraine. Each party is responsible for breaching the terms of the contract in cases provided by law.
In particular, the buyer is responsible for the accuracy of the data and information provided, including the delivery address. In case of violation of these conditions, the buyer is obliged to bear all the consequences of such violation.
The seller is not responsible for damage caused to the buyer as a result of improper use of the product. The seller is not responsible for temporary interruptions in the operation of the site or unavailability of the site, if this happened for reasons beyond his control.
If one of the parties violates the terms of this contract, the other party has the right to demand compensation for damages caused by such a violation.

Contact information: 


FOP Merkulov Nikita Mykhailovych

place of registration: 50048, Kryvyi Rih, str. Kotlyarevsky, 5/180

details: R/R UA963348510000000026008199348 in JSC "PUMB"

EDRPOU 3654004093

+380 (97) 638 54 52



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